Our Vision

The Platform for Blockchain-Powered
Real Estate Fundraising and Investing


Liquid Currency

Tokenized Real Estate on the RealBlocks Platform Offers Near-Immediate Liquidity.

Industry Leading Security

Our Blockchain-First Encryption Offers Superior Protection.



Efficient Fees.

Automating the Real Estate Fundraising and Investing Process Cuts Out Middlemen and Saves Everyone Money.


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Our Team

The RealBlocks Team

Our Team is Comprised of Experts in Blockchain, Real Estate, and Online Investing.

Founding Team
Perrin Quareshie CEO and Founder of Realblocks
Perrin Quarshie
Founder & CEO
Alexander S Blum Chief Research Officer At Realblocks
Alexander Blum
Chief Operating Officer
Svapnil Kambale
Chief Technology Officer
Stephen Connor is a qualifying broker and the Chief Operating Officer of RealBlocks
Stephen Conner
Designated Broker
Cody Robertson Realblocks Creative Director
Cody Robertson
Creative Director

Nav Athwal
Founder & CEO, Realty Shares
Christopher Fraley
CIO, RealtyMogul
Blake Cohen
Founder, Salt Lending
Fanny Zha
Managing Director, International at Ground Matrix
Jon Zanoff
Managing Director
David Song
Founder, CMO of Block Collective
Bill Staniford
Founder & CEO
Shawn Golhar
Managing Director, Public Policy at Barclays
Vineet Narula
Faculty MIT Media Lab, Blockchain Research Institute