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What is Real Blocks?

Real estate is historically the most stable form of investment and one that involves the least risk as an investment mechanism. The global total value of developed real estate is over 217 trillion USD 1 , which is higher than the total global traded equities and securitised debt instruments put together. The improvements seen to date in real estate and crowdfunding industry have arisen primarily as a result of the JOBS act, rather than any technological improvement. Issues around investment transparency, liquidity, transaction fees, and the security of the organizations leading this industry remain largely unchanged. Though the market has improved, many of the changes appear as incremental improvements rather than a fundamental shift in opportunity and possibility.

RealBlocks is an Ethereum smart-contracts governed ecosystem and funding platform focused on using the functionality of blockchain for improved liquidity, transparency, and security as well as a reduction in fees for secured real estate investments. The platform allows investors, globally, the ability to efficiently invest and fundraise for real estate offerings without the complications and excessive costs of securities registration.

The RealBlocks Team

Our Team is Comprised of Experts in Blockchain, Real Estate, and Online Investing.

Founding Team

Perrin Quarshie

Founder & CEO

Jamil Ahmed

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Grierson

Chief Operating Officer

Stephen Conner

Qualifying Broker

Cody Robertson

Creative Director

Jallen Messersmith

Marketing Director

Our Advisors

Nav Athwal

Founder & CEO, Realty Shares

Christopher Fraley

CIO, RealtyMogul

Stefan Martinovic

Dir. Innovation | Product, Real Estate Board of NY

Blake Cohen

Founder, Salt Lending

Fanny Zha

Managing Director, International at Ground Matrix

Jon Zanoff

Managing Director Techstars

David Song

Founder, CMO of Block Collective

Bill Staniford

Founder & CEO PropertyShark

Shawn Golhar

Managing Director, Public Policy at Barclays

Vineeta Narula

Faculty Blockchain Research Institute

Antoine Gendre

Founder Ameristar Groupe

Alex Benke

Holistic Financial Planner at Betterment

Our Investors